How to Cover a Broken Car Window

The most important thing you can do after a broken car window is to stop worrying. You don’t have to call an expensive tow or get it repaired right away. Here are some ways you can get things back in order on your own, without any need for intervention from the auto body shop.

First of all, make sure that no one has been injured by glass shards or the glass breaking out of the window completely. If anyone is damaged, you should first call an ambulance or take them to the nearby hospital (which may or may not be free). If there are no injuries, make sure that no one is around who can cut their hands on broken glass. It’s essential to clean up any glass around the car because if someone else steps on it, cuts their feet on it, or if your dog accidentally steps on it and gets hurt–and they will–it’s going to be your fault.

You want to make sure that the broken glass is not on the ground where someone could trip on it, but you also don’t want to make things too complicated. You don’t want to put something together in a perfect mosaic or put it together in a way that will make the car look like scissors attacked it; you want to make sure there are no sharp edges where someone can cut themselves.

You can go around the car and cover the broken window with masking tape, but I advise against doing this because you might get paint or other bits of glass onto the masking tape. Once you’ve done this, you should pick up any stray pieces of glass, whether they are on the ground or stuck in the seat.

You can just put two strips of duct tape down where the broken glass was to keep small bits of glass from being stuck to your car. The duct tape will also keep the tiny bits of glass attached to your vehicle so you can remove them later. But if there is a lot of glass that needs to be removed, you should contact an auto body shop.

You can also use plastic bags or garbage bags to cover broken glass, but making sure that there are no sharp edges where someone could cut themselves (including the plastic) is essential. If you use plastic, tie knots in the plastic to not move around too much.

There are also plenty of services available to put down a temporary sheet of glass on your car until you get yours fixed. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you might want to look into them.

After you’ve done all of this, wash your car–not just the windows, but also the inside of the doors and the light covers on the hood. Once finished with the glass removal, wipe down all of your interiors.

Gently wash off any glass from your car using a chamois or a soft terry cloth rag, or baby wipes. Once everything is clean, get yourself out of the car and take a good look at your handiwork. The broken window should be covered up so that the only thing you see is the plastic covering over it.

If there are any bits of glass stuck in your car, get rid of them. It’s best to have a friend hold them out while you take care of business with a plastic bag or duct tape, so they don’t get cut or burned by flying shards.

If you don’t plan on fixing the car window yourself, do what you can to make it look like everything is normal. Once the damage has been covered up and you’ve washed everything off, call an auto body shop and get your car fixed!

Why Should We Cover the Broken Car Window?

1. The most fundamental reason to cover a broken car window is that you don’t want anyone to cut themselves on the broken glass. They may have gone into your car to steal something and then slipped on the broken glass and fell. The best way to avoid this is by placing something soft over the glass so that it can’t slice through their skin.

2. Another reason to cover broken glass in your car is that the bottom of your vehicle is no place for broken glass. If someone is walking by, they could slip on it or accidentally step on it when you aren’t looking. Not only is this inconvenient, but it could also cause them to fall, which means you might be held accountable for their injuries.

3. You don’t want the interior to get stained by the broken glass. If it’s tiny bits of glass, you can easily pick them up and wipe them off, but if there is a lot of broken glass, you might leave some in the car when washing it. It’s best to cover the broken glass instead of having to deal with all that trouble.

4. You don’t want your hands cut up when trying to clean up all of the broken glass (although wearing gloves and using a stiff brush might help). You might slice your hands on the broken glass because you’re not paying close attention to where you’re stepping or reaching.

If your hands are covered in blood, it won’t be easy to take care of business. In addition, if you grab hold of something and slip, the broken glass will cause a lot more damage. It’s best to wear latex or vinyl gloves to protect you from cuts, burns, and other injuries.

5. There’s nothing more expensive than getting a tow and having to pay for a broken car window. If you don’t want to get towed or replace your window, then you need to cover the broken glass as soon as possible. It would be best to keep extra car windows around so that you can change it as soon as you can afford it, but if not, put something over the broken glass so you won’t have to deal with tows and to pay hundreds of dollars for a new window.

6. Covering broken glass in your car doesn’t mean that you should cover up the entire vehicle. Some professionals can take care of this for you, and if you do it yourself, be sure to check out all of the steps above to ensure that your car doesn’t get marred by broken glass. If it’s already been damaged, then you might want to try and repair it yourself before dealing with a professional.

7. If you’ve had to cover your broken car window, then you know how expensive it can be. Broken glass in your car isn’t cheap, so the last thing you want to do is let someone continue to break your window when they could just as quickly fix it with a little bit of tape or duct tape. Finding out that someone has broken into your car is bad enough; having to pay for a new window would be worse!

8. Although you probably won’t be spending money on a new car window, you should still invest in a pair of latex or vinyl gloves and a brush. This way, you can avoid getting cut and having to pay for medical bills and other expenses.

If it’s time for new windows, then replace the broken one yourself. You’ll still be able to keep your car looking like it’s in good shape with the broken window covered.

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Hopefully, this has helped you understand why you should always fix a broken car window yourself before calling an auto glass repair near me. If you still don’t feel up for removing the broken glass yourself, then call for some help! If you’re still unsure how to handle the situation, read up on our tips and tricks or ask a friend or family member who is more experienced in removing windows. You can also get a quote on a new window from a local car dealer.