As we know, a car is an expensive purchase, and you want to protect your investment to keep it looking new throughout its life. It is also essential to keep the car’s interior clean and dry for it to last longer. Avoiding these conditions can make your vehicle vulnerable to damage, especially if you live at the beach or in an area prone to rain.

Reasons to Use a Car Cover: 

1. Rainy Weather

Most car covers are designed to protect against dust, grime, and dirt that can cause problems on your car’s paint job or corrosion on your engine. Properly maintained, a cover will also help prevent the solar heating of your car and reduce exhaust fumes as you drive.

2. Snow and Ice Shocks

Some car covers not only protect the body of the vehicle but can also offer protection against snow and ice shocks on the front and back of your vehicle.

3. Hydroplaning

Car covers can also prevent the formation of hydroplaning in which you lose control of your vehicle and can increase the risk of a collision with another car.

4. Theft/Vandalism Protection

Many car covers will prevent light rusting which can occur when you park in areas prone to heavy rain or when your car is parked in high-traffic areas. Car covers can also protect you from vandalism, which can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

5. Heat Removal from the Vehicle Body

Car covers can help protect your car from getting hot due to the sun during the summer months. Some car covers are designed to provide relief from high temperatures, which can cause harm to both your paint job and the interior components of your car.

6. Protection Against Bird Droppings

By placing the cover on your vehicle, you can prevent bird droppings from staining your vehicle. These droppings can cause severe damage to your paint job, which will require you to repaint the affected areas. With proper care, a car cover can help you avoid these types of mishaps.

7. No Damage to Exterior

Properly selected car covers can also prevent damage to the exterior of your vehicle. This includes scratches on the paint job, which can seriously affect the value of your car. By covering your vehicle, you reduce scratches caused by items in close proximity to the parking area.

8. Exterior Rust Prevention

Car covers protect rusting of the exterior parts of your car, including the bumpers and undercarriage.

Types of Car Covers:

The material a car cover is made of can be poly/cotton, leather, suede, sheepskin, or other artificial fabrics.

The most common types of car covers are:

Suede wraps – these consist of a fabric-like material, and they do not protect the windscreen at all (not suitable for winter), and they can be uncomfortable.

 Leather – leather car covers protect against heat and cold and offer excellent protection against UV radiation. They can be expensive, but they last a long time.

 Poly/Cotton Covers – these are comparable to suede wraps, but they are somewhat more comfortable. These covers are breathable, water-resistant, and protect against UV radiation. They are inexpensive.

 Sheepskin Covers – these are made of genuine sheepskin, and they are very comfortable in the summer or winter. They protect against UV radiation, but they can be expensive. Sheepskin car covers can be washed by hand or dry cleaned.

 Point of use: Virtually every car can use a car cover. The main thing to remember is that you need to protect your investment from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV radiation), which can cause fading, discoloration, cracking, and etching of the paint.

Installing Your Car Cover:

There are three main ways to install your custom made cover:

1. Install the cover at a local dealer/installer; these typically cost about $50 to $75.00. They will also charge you for any warranty repairs incurred by installing the cover at their location.

2. Install the cover yourself; these typically cost between $20 and $50. You could do this at home or in your garage. Make sure you use a reliable installer to help you properly install the cover.

3. Have your custom-made cover shipped directly to you; these typically cost between $60 and $80. You would then need to pay for shipping.

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There are many reasons why you should purchase a car cover. To protect the exterior of your vehicle, you would also need to buy a comprehensive insurance policy to cover all possible damages that could occur. Nevertheless, by using different car covers, you can feel much better about driving your vehicle around. Many people who use car covers also remove the interior components before placing the cover over their vehicle. This helps prevent scratches on the paint job because they are now forced to be careful in their movements when they are driving around.